Artisans of Sound. Purveyors of Quality. Protectors of Artistry.

The concept of Gwynne Sound was born of a desire to nurture, enhance, create, and capture sonic works for our artists and clients that form a deep emotional connection with their respective audiences. We believe sound should be unique and definitive – expressive and emotive, and that means recording live instruments performed by real musicians. We live through sound, and our studio is a gateway for exploring sonic possibilities. We exist to capture your sound, complete your vision and create unique branded sonic assets. Let’s work together to move the needle — and your audience.

Our Studios

Our studio is our home – we’ve designed each space to inspire and maximize creativity.

Studio A

The Big Room

Studio A offers over 1,000 square feet of tuned space, acoustically-optimized to create and record a wide variety of musical works. This studio can accomodate any size of project, from a solo artist to an entire symphony orchestra.

Studio B

The Flex Room

Studio B is a comfortable space featuring an outstanding recording booth for small artist projects, audio post or a professional podcast. It can accommodate up to 5 people with comfortable seating for guests.

Studio C

The Front Room

Studio C is a small, relaxed environment which can support a solo or small artist project, voiceover, or a mid-size professional podcast.

Leadership Team

Our multi-functional team of classically trained composers, audio engineers and brand marketers are experts in all facets of audio post and music composition.

Dan Carruthers

CEO, Marketing Executive, Singer-songwriter

Adam Pleiman

Creative Director, Chief Engineer, Grammy Nominee

Let’s work together to move the needle.