Bringing Your Sound To Life

This is the best time in history to be an artist — to make your mark and speak through your work. A great idea can come from anywhere, and the best idea in the room wins. At Gwynne, it’s simple: we’re about serving the song and capturing your distinct artistry.

Full service recording experience and creative work environments.

We’re artists too, and from pre-production to your sparkling masters, the artist team at Gwynne is dedicated to helping you make the best records possible.

01 Studio Tour
Each new recording project begins with a tour of our studios and a chat with the Gwynne Artist Team.
02 Project Consultation
Each project has a unique scope and individual needs. This is where we determine the artistic direction, approach and production details of your project.
03 Pre-Production
Fine-tuning song structures, song selection, tracklisting, brainstorming instrumentation or writing arrangements can be completed ahead of tracking.
04 Tracking
Whether you decide to multi-track or track live, we’re focused on the highest quality capture and the best performances possible.
05 Mixing
Where sounds become art. Our staff of engineers are passionate, experienced and efficient. Our mantra at this step is: we’re not happy until you are.
06 Mastering
Our staff, along with our mastering house partners across the country, will ensure that this final (and crucial) step in the process is handled properly.

Our Studio

Where Originals are Born

With a deep respect for the process and one of the best live rooms in the country, the studios in our historic downtown location provide a unique setting for artist recording, writing and collaboration.

  • Analog to digital capabilities deliver the sound you love with the efficiency of modern technology.

  • Studio A, our big room, offers over 1,000 sqft of tuned space, providing endless possibilities for players and recording techniques.

  • Our diverse and talented artist staff is led by our Grammy nominated chief engineer.

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