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Gwynne Sound 2018 Audio Post Reel 2:59

We provide powerful audio solutions in support of directors, artists and visionaries to create vivid multi-sensory experiences. From voiceover and sound effects to original music composition, our staff of classically trained engineers enhance the story and bring professional polish to your project.

Inventive audio post work for film, television, digital and broadcast.

No matter the size of the project, helping you sound great is what we love to do. Our staff of audio engineers work with artists, producers and brands to craft sonic works that push the boundaries of the visual narrative – resulting in an emotional connection with the audience.

01 Sound Design
Audio sweetening and sound effects by our expert engineers make your creative vision come to life.
02 Voiceover
It’s so much more than just voice! Our team has years of experience working with and directing voice actors to ensure the perfect performance, capture and edit for your project.
03 Talent Casting
We source the best voice actors from around the world including multilingual talent. If our talent pool doesn’t have what you need, we’ve partnered with the top agencies in the country to make sure we find the perfect fit for you. From there, we take care of booking and payment for a complete talent experience.
04 Mix to Picture
Our engineers artfully marry audio to visual for TV, radio, film, and digital with stereo or 5.1 capabilities giving your visuals the ultimate finishing touch.
05 ADR
With a fully equipped ADR stage and worldwide connectivity via Source Connect, we’ll capture your dialogue perfectly while providing a seamless working experience.
06 Dialogue Cleaning
Sometimes your on-camera dialogue needs help. Whether it’s de-noising or EQ-ing, we’ll have your dialogue sounding exactly the way you intended.
07 Foley
We make on-screen visuals come to life in the most realistic way. We’ve had our hands (literally) in creating lifelike sounds for music videos, films, TV commercials — and we’re always looking for a new challenge.

Our Studio

Inventive & Artful Audio Post Work

Everything we do at Gwynne Sound is designed to help support and produce the best version of your creative vision – from beginning to completion.

  • Multiple booths and sound stages

  • Advanced connectivity for remote sessions

  • Comfortable client workspaces

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