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Podcasts deliver a brand’s message directly to its consumer in a one-on-one setting. This creates a unique opportunity for brands and individuals (you're a brand too) to create a deeper bond with their audiences, graduating from loyalty to advocacy. Defining the right strategy and concept is key to ensuring the success of your podcast.

Podcast Formats

After you have developed your podcast strategy, the next thing to consider is format. The proper style and length of your podcast is determined by your goals as a brand as well as what your consumers find most engaging.

01 The Interview
Two people talking about a single topic can unearth exciting revelations. In this format, a dynamic host speaks and moderates a conversation on a specific topic diving deep into their guest’s expertise and perspective.
02The Multi-Host & Roundtable Show
When experts team up, sparks will fly. Multi-host and round table shows utilize multiple regular hosts with new guests each episode. These shows are typically interview-based allowing for a more efficient flow of conversation. Hosts typically have different skill sets and demeanors to stimulate lively conversation (think subject matter expert and color commentary combined).
03 The Narrative
Perfect for a brand with rich, compelling stories. A narrator(s) guides the listener through short stories that weave themselves into the overarching theme. These stories become your episodes and are supported by transitional music beds and sound effects. The content can be scripted, non-scripted, or both, and comes from remote interviews, dramatic recreations, archival recordings and in-studio conversations.
04 The Magazine
This formats works well for a brand with multiple stories to tell. A collection of short, “snackable” stories are presented in a longer form show. These stories are stitched together by a host, music and sound effects. This combination ties the messages together and executes the story arch.

Support Services

Talent Casting, Production, Publishing & Analysis

Gwynne Sound offers support services for the development of your podcast every step of the way.

  • Talent Casting Gwynne can guide the brand through the process of finding the perfect host or narrator for the show. We have a global talent pool of creative thinkers and voices that will bring the authenticity of your brand to life, all through audio.

  • Production Podcasts are recorded at the Gwynne Sound Studios, remote locations, or through other digital connections. Intros, outros and sound effects drive emotion and guide the listener. These sound beds serve as your identity and are artfully crafted for you by Gwynne Sound.

  • Publishing Once edited and mixed properly, Gwynne Sound publishes your show to the platforms of your choice.

  • Analytics Various levels of analytics are available to help you better understand and broaden your podcast audience.

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