Bringing Audio Awareness to Brands

How BrandsonicsTM Impacts the Brand Experience

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Bring consistency to your brand experience across all marketing platforms. Our proprietary solution for creating and qualifying branded sonic assets reinforces the emotional bonds between brands and their consumers in today’s increasingly connected and voice-activated world.

Qualified, consumer-tested, branded sonic works.

This is your brand beyond the screen. We craft qualified, consumer-tested, strategic sonic guidelines that your consumers will not only hear, but feel on an emotional and primal level through your distinct, iconic sound.

01 Brand Theme
Your brand theme acts as a sonic guide. It is the overarching musical work that speaks to each of your brand’s character attributes. Your brand theme becomes the blueprint for all future sonic works.
02 Branded Music Catalog
We develop an original selection of ownable music created exclusively for your brand. This provides content creators with the flexibility needed to reinforce your brand sonically across all marketing platforms. It's your “album”, play it where you want.
03 Sonic UX
Your Sonic UX augments the user interface, provides feedback and insight into the user's actions, and enhances the overall experience. The interface sounds are iconic extensions of the sonic brand.
04 Artist Partnership
Artist partnerships can be helpful to a brand only when the fit is authentic. We help identify artists that fit the brand’s character as well as connect to the prime prospect.
05 Voice Guidelines
Voice guidelines are a set of standards that define the qualities of voice talent procured for the brand. They can be used to set the tone of voice and style of speaking in voiceover casting, call center scripts, retail training and more.
06 Product Sound FX
Product sounds relate directly to the experience your consumer has with your product. We ensure that the sounds crafted for products are qualified to convey the right message with the right emotion. Branded product sound effects not only enhance the user experience—they introduce new, ownable and iconic sounds.
07 Environmental Experiences
We create strategies that help guide positive consumer behaviors while minimizing the negative ones; strengthening the brand/consumer bond with a curated sonic experience.
08 Brand Mnemonic
A brand mnemonic is derived from the brand theme and serves to raise brand awareness using a short audio logo. This short phrase is flexible, ownable and can be used in most any sonic work created.

Our Process

Prototype, Pioneer, Proof & Produce

Leveraging our proprietary solution, Brandsonics™, we develop original and iconic brand assets to ensure on-equity use of music and sounds.

  • Dimensional Discovery It all starts with understanding your brand and consumer. Getting to know you and your prime prospect is the first step in developing qualified sonic guidelines.

  • Sonic Guidelines Every brand has visual guidelines that impact how a consumer perceives the brand. However, the sound of your brand can be just as influential and requires the same level of attention. Our proprietary process removes subjectivity in discovering your brand’s sound.

  • Consumer Testing You wouldn’t allow your visual assets to go unchecked. Sonic guidelines and assets are tested to maximize in-market efficiency and effectiveness.

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